Refurbished alloy wheels in workshop at spit and polish

Price of refurbishment?

Please refer to alloy wheel refurbishment price list on the website (please note this is retail only, trade prices available) 

What process do you use?

 We always start from scratch, this involves stripping all existing finishes from the wheel, repairing any damage, painting the wheel, diamond cutting (if required) and finally lacquering. 

How long does the process take?

Normally 2-3 days, we do however offer a next day alloy wheel refurbishment service, this needs to be booked in advance 

What warranty do you offer?

Warranty depends on finish, wheels that have a painted all over finish have a 12 month warranty, wheels that are diamond cut have a 6 month warranty, there are however exclusions to these warranties, due to inherent faults with some wheels. 

Do you straighten wheels?

Yes, we can offer alloy wheel repair. We have specialist equipment and staff to deal with bent wheels, this is subject to seeing the damage prior to attempting the repair 

Do you weld cracks?

Yes, we have a fully qualified welder on site to deal with cracks and damage subject to inspection. 

Black and silver refurbished wheels in workshop at spit and polish.

Do you do different finishes and colours?

Yes, we use electrostatic powder coat and have a complete auto mixing scheme as well as specialist paint finishes, Candy colours, smoke lacquers etc.

Do you diamond cut wheels?

Yes, we employ 3 time served qualified engineers and specialise in precision made templates to accurately reproduce the original finish. 

Do you hand polish wheels?

No, we no longer offer this service.

Do you refurbish motorcycle wheels?

We can but due to the nature of these wheels they need to have all ancillary parts removed, bearings, discs etc , where diamond cutting is needed it might take longer than usual to do because of the time needed to make templates and machine both sides. 

Do you refurbish steel wheels?

Yes, but it should be noted if the wheel is heavily corroded it is sometimes difficult, using our process, to completely cover this damage. 

Do you refurbish wire wheels?

Yes, we do but the wheels should first be checked to make sure the spokes, splines and shells are in good order, if not it might be better to look into reconditioned wheels. 

Refurbished Silver alloy wheels at spit and polish

Do you refurbish magnesium wheels?

No, we no longer do these, they are so fraught with problems, particularly corrosion not evident until the original finish is removed. 

Do you refurbish 2 and 3 piece wheels?

We do most 2 piece wheels, normally without any problems with the exception of issues relating to removing bolts, occasionally these sheer, requiring extraction, helicoiling and replacing. We can paint individual components of 3 piece wheels but are unable to machine/polish outer rims or take apart and rebuild them.

Do you refurbish truck wheels?

No due to the weight and size.

Do you offer a same day service for full refurbishment?

No as mentioned in “How long does the process take” Next day alloy wheel refurbishment is the quickest we can do. 

What are our opening hours?

We are open 8.00-5.00 Monday-Friday and 8.00-1.00 on Saturdays. We are closed Sundays. 

Do we do bodywork or valeting?

 No, we are wheels specialists we leave that to others. 

Refurbished silver alloy wheels at spit and polish

Do we offer loan wheels?

 We can sometimes help with single wheels.

Do we offer a courtesy car?

No sorry we cannot offer this service.